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The fallen pdf thomas e sniegoski

Who even reads the writings of Elie Wiesel?
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Hitler was the great manbrilliant, inciteful, entirely reasonable and extremely generous.
See: Samuel 2, Chapter 12, Verse 31 regarding the treatment of the Ammonites by the victorious Jews hatsune miku project diva f psp iso under King David: And he brought forth the people that were therein, and put them under harrows of iron, and under axes of iron and made them pass.Jews should stop lyingand the rest of the world should stop believing or condoning Jewish lies.Tml BTW, that was how the SS and the Germans did things.If America and its allies could recognize that the holocaust story is indeed a monstrous Jeiwish hoax, then perhaps America and the world could also avoid the headlong stampede to bigger wars and, ultimately, obliteration in a themro-nuclear world war, the ultimate final solution.When the bathing of the refugees was completed, the train was pulled out of the tunnel by means of a rope attached to a locomotive and was allowed to air.The startling fact is that by practicing cremation the Nazis and the SS went to considerable lengths and expense to treat the dead with genuine respect even when many of the dead were Jews.Clearly, nearly all of the evidence about the supposed deaths of more than 2 million Jews in the Reinhardt camps is absolute rubbish.(click to enlarge) One profound shortcoming in the DellaPergola report is that its intermediate extensive approach (see page 13 of the report) includes only Jewish persons who are alive today (meaning 2003) which obviously excludes people who had been Jewish during WW2 but who had.America is a mentally-deranged nation, a paranoid nation.
In German, they were called Holzgaswagen.
The work was actually stopped for days (Pressac actually mistranslated the text) and delayed completion of this urgently needed crematorium.
The gassing claims and even the descriptions of Auschwitz are based entirely on the testimony of self-described eyewitnesses and NOT on any incriminating documents or physical evidence.That in turn makes the alleged use of so-called Zyklon introduction mesh columns ( Drahtnetzeinschiebvorrichtung ) totally absurd and ridiculous.The Germans asked for it, and we gave it o them, good and strong.All nations within a thousand miles of Israel should also get nuclear weapons to defend themselves and deter the most thoroughly racist and aggressive nation on the planet, namely Israel.Obviously, the Nazis took very good care of her as well as all of the at is the real lesson of this story.

Trunk, who"s Fritz Bergs 1984 paper on Diesel gas chambers (his footnote 27,.
So, what really happened?