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Psp player svn r611

Rev 414 - Salvy!
Simplified and added comments to SetUcode (100 ops) Rev 515 - Salvy Silly typo from last commit revision unidrv dll windows xp 731 Merged from Dev branch: Rev 407 - Salvy!
Don't use pspFpuFloatToDouble (adds too much bloat and is only used by a few games, anyways I doubt it helps at all.)!Reduced (even more) memory usage for new tmem implementation(1/4 of original)!Clean ups in DLParser_SetUcode, reverted change from 421, was breaking several games (thx re4thewin for reporting it) revision 732 Merged from Dev branch: Rev 408 - Corn, optimized palette loading (bypassing copy to tmem) for a speed up in some games.Code clean ups and simplified some things here and there!Make DLParser_PopDL static to hint compiler to inline (saves 20 ops)!Fixed Kirby blend and removed offending blend for Rocket-robot on wheels (tnx Bdcanay)!Optimized CPU and vfpu VectorClip!Small optimization in tlbp, rev 422 - Salvy!Patch ucode name tables to create custom name tables (Dlist dumps of custom ucodes are accurate now).Simplified DRK TnL pipeline!
Fixed CPU clipping (used for reference and is 5 slower than vfpu)!
Reverted changes to DLParser_GBI2_GeometryMode, only made code less readable Rev 411 - Salvy Opps, removed SetTextureGenLin by error :P Rev 412 - Salvy Patch normal ucode tables to create "custom" ucode tables!
Sorted all ucodes and moved them to headers to make development easier and make sure cod placement is optimal (Note : More clean ups and sorting are needed) revision 730 Rev 401 - Corn!Fixed dlist debug text and warnings.Added GBI1_S2DEX ucode name table, rev 427 - Corn!Share same global variable for special address in PD, DKR and cbfd Rev 402 - Corn!Fixed compiler adding more mults than needed for front/back face culling test!Simplified set/fetch ucode names!Rev 420 - Corn!

Try to use the UMD file instead to find the audio.
Forgot to sort MoveMem and MoveWord!