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Norton editor for dos

Select some files with Ins.
We shall make a new directory in the root.
Here, information is kept that shows a file's physical location and which directory it is located.
Contains HyperDisk, HyperKey, HyperRAM, HyperScreen and IDE Booster utilities j 13K SmartDrive ver.0 spdktpxp.Now the files on the disk cannot be deleted and new ones cannot be written onto it; your disk is now "write protected." You can still read the files, though (the term reading a disk means getting information from it, while writing mean saving information.The grey minus key works the other way around; it deselects.Blochek - Open source MS-DOS editor with Unicode support.The right window is still in C:extra and you have some files left (I hope).CtrlY deletes a complete line and Home, iconcepts folding pocket pc keyboard driver End, PgDn and PgUp work as they usually do in most other programs.If you have LHA and other packing programs on your path, then AltF6 will unpack (decompress) files in these programs' formats.Back to the example.Practice makes perfect Having (hopefully) read all this and practiced for a while, you should be a champion at managing files, both on floppy disks and on the hard disk.When you make your own directories, make as few SUB-directories as possible.Breeze - Popular shareware word processor for MS-DOS.
AE (Another Editor) - Text editor for MS-DOS compatibles, written in Turbo Pascal.
Leafing through directories F9, left or right window, Enter, Tree.
The file has now got a new name.And if you don't know the name of the file you are looking for, you might be lucky enough to remember it when you see the name.If you have changed something and want to exit, just press Esc and you will be asked whether you want to save the file or exit without saving.MS-DOS Editor Family 4th editor - Open source MS-DOS editor for writing 4th code 4th GUI - Open source MS-DOS IDE for writing 4th code.So if any files are selected, the actions will only affect the selected files (no matter where in the directory the bar is).Zip 5K Tests HDs sequencial repeated transfer rate j 16K AT Hardware Performance Test.0 40K checks L1 and L2 cache, tell you the speeds and sizes of each, and check to see if all of your memory is cached, cachectl allows you.

SHH ED - Tiny DOS editor with WordStar command set and limited mouse support (m is 16K) shsu - ascii text editor for MS-DOS Sled - Sam's Little EDitor - 17K text editor for MS-DOS SlickEdit (pre VisualSlickEdit ) Smooth - DOS text editor with.