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Micronta vlf 4003 metal detector manual

micronta vlf 4003 metal detector manual

If you continue to have problems, contact your local Radio Shack store for assistance.
Be to atsimeni tas vasaros gale 8 Gilzes dideles Giruliu parke radom - tai cia as jas pries diena - su kaip tik sita Micronta radau.Raise the search coil one foot from the ground and push Auto-Tune.If the detector makes a "Chattering noise, decrease sensitivity until the "Chatter" stops.Set the remaining controls to mid-range.Therefore, coin collectors do not usually set discriminator higher.Note: Press Auto-Tune during operation to automatically return the pointer to the center.If the pointer swings to the left, turn ground to the right.Various conditions and objects may adversely influence metal detection.Ir operation mode - tai yra veikiantis pastovusis rezimas.Setting mode Set mode to VLF when you use ground (See "Setting ground).
Turn the "Sens" knob to the middle position.
Sciencing Video Vault, hit the red "Auto Tune" button on the carrying handle with the head portion of the detector away from any metal objects, and turn the "Tune" knob until the needle hits.
Follow these steps to set ground.Raise the search coil and press Auto-Tune.Repeat Steps 1-3 until there is a very small variation gold miner vegas activation code crack in the meter reading each time you lower the search coil to the ground.Keep the search coil parallel to the ground at all times but don't touch the ground.When the detector is set to search for non-ferrous items, a decrease in the meter reading and sound will occur when a non-ferrous metal (such as gold) is detected.Its reaction depends on a number of things: The angle at which the object rests in the ground The depth of the object The amount of iron in the object The size of the object To pinpoint an object, the second time, go at right.When you detect metal, switch mode between TR1 and TR2 to determine the quality of metal.The threshold tone should peak as you pass the target center.Rotate volume two-thirds clockwise.Turning On the Detector Hold the detector in a position comfortable for you, then turn it on by rotating volume two-thirds clockwise.To set the detector to find metals such as gold or silver, set the "Discrim" knob to Non-ferrous Metals.

Using ground helps tune out false signals from mineralized soil.
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Related Sciencing Articles, jupiterimages/m/Getty Images, metal detecting is a fun hobby anyone can engage.