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Kamen rider decade episode blogspot

After surviving his confrontation with Diend and taking out another Mole Imagin, M-Yusuke tends to his injuries as Tsukasa finds him and scolds him for being an idiot.
When a dimensional rift sends Decade and Den-O into the dimension where Natsumi saw the Rider War, the two Kamen Riders reach a stalemate as they are picked up by the DenLiner.
Dai-Shocker Invasion" Transcription: "ru Ekkusu!
Second Movement Kiva the Prince edit 4 "Second Movement Kiva the Prince" Transcription: "Dai Ni Gakush Kiba no ji" ( Japanese : ) Sh Aikawa February 15, 2009 Arriving in the World of Kiva, Tsukasa and company discover that the Fangires of this world have made.He runs off before regressing to Hibiki, and Yusuke and Natsumi find him shortly after.Unbeknownst to them, Bony Shitari sends the Ayakashi Chinomanako magellan roadmate 3045-lm instruction manual to investigate Diend out of dread of his appearance.Battle Trial - Ryuki World edit 6 "Battle Trial - Ryuki World" Transcription: "Batoru Saiban: Ryki Wrudo" ( Japanese : ) Sh Aikawa March 1, 2009 Upon arriving in the World of Ryuki, Natsumi goes to the Atashi Journal headquarters to learn about the world's Kamen Riders.As Kiva-la is happy to see Yusuke returning to the Studio, the gang ends up in another world: the World of Den-O.The show incorporated many elements from previous Saban tokusatsu adaptation, such.After meeting a mysterious man who is disgusted with the human/Fangire treaty, Tsukasa later encounters Kiva-la, who uses her power to send him into another world where he is attacked by Kamen Rider Kaixa.After being caught up on current events, Tsukasa makes his way to Castle Doran to save Yusuke as the Beetle Fangire absorbs the Arms Monsters into himself.With Diend arriving to back him up for this treasure, Decade battles Dark Kiva.The World of Televikun and Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders.When Decade takes a hit from Diend to save the child, Black watches and has second thoughts about him as Apollo Geist escapes.
As Decade battles the Paradoxa Undead with the Capricorn Undead backing him up, Kazuma becomes Blade and fights Garren and Leangle.Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.While this occurs, Yusuke is kidnapped by the Roaches to be conditioned into being a normal member of the World of Diend's society.Saving them from reinforcements, Tsukasa learns from Haruka and Shin that the world is ruled by the mysterious Fourteen who uses his Roaches to manipulate humans.Though he destroys Me-Ginoga-De, Zu-Mebio-Da attempts to run off only to destroyed by a couple of Formica kirloskar diesel engine manual pdf Pedes.Daiki then confronts the group, giving them a hint as to who Faiz is before going off.Phantom Thief of Faiz Academy edit 10 "Phantom Thief of Faiz Academy" Transcription: "Faizu Gakuen no Kait" ( Japanese : ) Sh Aikawa March 29, 2009 Upon arriving in the World of Faiz and once more encountering the mysterious Daiki Kaito, Tsukasa finds himself in a school.After the other Natsumi bids farewell to her counterpart and Tsukasa, to whom she gives the K-Touch, the group returns to the Hikari Studio to resume their journey home with their next stop being Daiki Kaito's home world.Once Diend destroys the scrolls, revealing that the true Ongekid is all three styles in harmony, Decade regains Hibiki's powers.Natsumi is hospitalized beyond medical aid and Tsukasa is upset by Narutaki telling him that he is a danger to himself and those around him.1 The World of Kuuga edit 2 "The World of Kuuga" Transcription: "Kga no Sekai" ( Japanese : ) Sh Aikawa February 1, 2009 Arriving in the World of Kuuga, Tsukasa takes the guise of a policeman and watches Kuuga destroy a pair of Grongi, Ra-Dorudo-Gu and.Decade arrives as Ryuki with the Blay Buckle and gives Kazuma the resolve to fight back.While this occurs, Natsumi finds the young riders of the World of Hibiki being overpowered by Saga and the Fangires until only Hibiki remains.Following Kiva-la, Tsukasa is attacked by Wataru and Asumu, whom Kenzaki recruited so they can save their worlds, after he refuses to leave.

) Crossover with Samurai Sentai Shinkenger.