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Jack lalanne juicer instruction manual

jack lalanne juicer instruction manual

Allow food to pass through slowly and steadily using the pusher.
Add them separately in a blender.To avoid risk of injury keep hands and utensils out of the Power Juicer and away from its sharp blade during operation.The Power Juicer motor will not run if unit is not properly assembled. 2008 Tristar Products, Inc.The Power Juicer has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other).You do not need to apply pressure unless the juicer starts to vibrate.Do not put any fruit or vegetables in your machine until power is turned.Let the Power Juicer run for a few minutes before turning off to allow any excess juice to be extracted from the pulp.Browse related, jack LaLanne Manual Juicers.Wählen Sie aus, welches Problem mit dem Inhalt besteht.
Save these instructions jack lalanne power juicer assembly Assemble as shown step 1: Place base on a dry flat surface with locking bar in down position as shown.
Include description, all Listings, not finding what you're looking for?If the unit accidentally overheats,.If food remains stuck, turn the power off, wait until motor stops, Power Juicer shuts down completely, and is unplugged before disassembling the juicer and removing the blocked food.The motor has a built-in safety feature that will not let the power turn on unless the locking bar is locked in place.Once neverwinter nights 2 patch v1.68 turned off it is quite normal for the juicer to spin for a minute or so due to the very fine precision balancing of this appliance.To avoid electric shock or serious injury do not use any attachments that were not recommended or sold by the manufacturer.Any fruit or vegetable that will fit the chute can be put through whole.Receptacle Juice Spout Base Lip Base Front of Machine (Spout side) Filter Receptacle 23 1Locking Bar jack lalanne power juicer assembly(cont.) step 4: Place blade inside filter, centered over screw peg.As they will damage the blade and possibly the unit.