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Is synthetic weed worse than crack

One of Lifeshare's service users, Deebo, 24, has been smoking up to ten 1g bags a day for around a year.
This synthetic cannabinoid addiction support website lists out over 700 different brand names, but as some artificial cannabinoids become identified and end up being listed as illegal, brands with new cannabinoid formulations continue to sprout, evading regulation.Synthetic cannabinoids are typically shipped overseas from China to manufacturers who prepare the blends using high-proof alcohol or acetone solvents.The findings led the authors to call for detoxification, addiction counseling, crisis intervention, and family support for dependent users to be set up to deal with the problem.Related story, synthetic Cannabis Rears Its Ugly Head, Sends 33 to NY Hospital.Deebo is not alone.A synthetic cannabinoid is not a cannabis product, but a chemical analog that binds to the same system of receptors.Is it actually the cannabinoid you think it is?"The withdrawal was badmy mental health deteriorated, I had terrible belly cramps, I was sweating and itchy all over he says.
New research adds further weight to building evidence that brand names such as Vertex, Black Mamba, and Clockwork Orange have similar addictive properties to heroin.Weed is a natural product and I don't know if anything is added to it because I've never tried.As with heroin and crack use, official drug use statistics undoubtedly underestimate the true prevalence of SC use.Significant withdrawal symptoms have also been reported.They named football manager 2011 crack reloaded it Spice and disseminated it to curious, experimentally-inclined customers.They're desperate for their next fix because they've got fuck all else." Andy says there's an endless supply: "There's so many people coming into jail from the courts with Spice; two newcomers a day come in with their asses packed.Over 140 different synthetic cannabinoids have been identified so far, which makes detection really challenging.Formulas and other production techniques for synthetic cannabinoids can be found online, so these compounds are also being sold without any official packaging."We spoke to fifty or so people who described an addiction and withdrawal similar to heroin says Linnell.Pharmaceutical companies dont take kindly to lawsuits, and they are perfectly clear in their dosing instructions for synthetic cannabinoid medications, because they know how dangerous it can be to consume too much of these compounds.Users who experienced a full-blown overdose from synthetic cannabinoids reported major issues of the central nervous system such as coma and psychosis, cardiovascular issues like tachycardia and bradycardia (increased or decreased heart rate during resting and lung-related issues such as respiratory depression (which is the.Gruesome withdrawal symptoms have also been reported, showing that the use of synthetic cannabinoids creates a really serious addiction, which is in direct contrast with cannabis, where moderate dependence is the worst that can happen.