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Lots of stuff to unlock as pc games like final fantasy tactics well.
Beautiful sprites and music.
Virtua Tennis: World Tour / Virtua Tennis 3 Tennis A nicely polished game of tennis.
Playable on Metal Gear Ac!After finishing the prequel story, the game rolls right into a second network magic pro edition 5.5 with crack arc that covers the entire story of the first game, with all the cutscenes intact.It's also a great looking game and a technical showcase- your flashlight casts shadows behind objects in real time!A pretty good deal.Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness srpg Astoundingly addictive turn-based tactics gameplay.Has a PS2 remix with a few extras, but nothing major.English patches for both sequels are available, translating everything nessesary to play the game (skits and story text are not translated).Playable on PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe Tower Defense A sprite-based tower defense game with a great art style, calming music, and many fun towers to wield.The PSP version also includes new NPCs, items and hidden quests.Platformer Much improved sequel of the above.
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together srpg A remake of the PlayStation game, which was originally released on the Super Famicom and PSX.Features incredibly fluid and innovative gameplay, and has many of the tracks from the series' past.The blob can be rubbed against pointy objects to split into two, which is usually required to solve puzzles.New DLC and more playable characters like Prinny Laharl and Prinny Asagi.It's solidly executed, and as close as you're going to get to a Resident Evil 4 like game on the PSP.Prepare to cuss, your enemies cheat or get lucky always.Choose one of three different servants (Saber, Archer, or Caster and let the adventure unfold as you try to piece together your forgotten past.Watch out for ZE accents.Playable on Patapon 2 Rhythm RTS This sequel includes new modes and features, such as the "evolutionary tree" and multiplayer mode.Screen is a little cropped compared to Wii/PS2 version.Takes place at the end of the Edo period of Japan, and while it is a visual novel romance based on the perspective of a female character, it is essentially a war story that includes memorable characters and a captivating plot.Tons of fun, if you're into faux-weeaboo sports sims or delicious pirate lolis.Game is basically a waifu simulator thinly veiled behind RPG battles if you like this stuff.